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The Best Endorsement Letter a Home Inspector Will Ever Receive

Quick Facts

Q Can a home fail a Home Inspection?

The answer is YES! If you the buyer do not like the results of a Home Inspector From Hell Report and do not buy the house. Then the house has failed. You set the limits as to pass or fail.

Q Who really works for the buyer?

Truthfully, only a Professional Home Inspector From Hell. Think about it. Typically the Realtor’s commission is paid for by the seller at closing. The Mortgage Company/Banker works for their investors. The Appraiser works for the Mortgage Company/Bank. The only person involved in the whole transaction that has no interest or financial gain if you do or do not buy the house is Home Inspector From Hell. The Home Inspectors main job is to inform you what is not performing its original intent, and is in need of immediate repair. Then you decide.

Q What is a Home Inspection?

visual inspection of the readily accessible areas of the house, and a written report that identifies all defective structural and mechanical items located in a home, that are not performing their original intent, and in need of immediate repair.

Q What should I do with the report?

Many Home Inspectors and Realtors will tell you. Now that you have the Report, you will know what, you the Buyer should repair after closing. The focus of a Home Inspector From Hell Report is to help you, the Buyer, have the Seller at his expense make any and all repairs to the home prior to closing. Look at it this way. If you buy a house at fair market value, and then make needed repairs, do you not have more money in the house than it is worth?